Britannia Acoustic & Fire Ltd specialises in the supply and installation of high-quality fire doors to residential and commercial buildings in order to comply with safety regulations and building codes.

Acoustic & Fire Services in Billericay

Our Fire Door Services Include:

  • Initial site evaluations to determine the appropriate fire door rating levels and specifications suitable for your property, considering factors such as occupancy, usage, layout and applicable fire safety standards.
  • Provision of factory-manufactured or custom-made hinged and sliding fire doors with 30, 60 or 120-minute industry-standard Integrity Ratings certified through rigorous independent testing.
  • Complete certified installation of fire door sets including frames, seals, closing mechanisms, vision panels or hardware as specified.
  • Inspection, functional testing and certification services to validate the fire doors once fitted meet required fire resistance standards and codes by issuing an installation completion certificate.
  • Post-installation maintenance contracts and prompt repairs as necessary to keep fire doors functioning as per standards for the duration of their certified lifespan.

Our Services

Dedicated to ensuring the safety and compliance of buildings, we offer a wide range of specialised services:

fire protection specialists

Our Range of Fire Doors

We supply and install a diverse range of fire doors certified as fire barriers:

  • Certified FD30 and FD60 timber, steel or glazed internal fire doors with 30 to 60-minute fire resistance
  • External or communal double fire doors from strong, durably constructed materials
  • Bespoke fire-rated doors tailored to your opening dimensions and customised with vision panels, hardware etc.
  • High-security steel doors with increased fire resistance ratings of 90 or 120 minutes for sensitive areas

Britannia Acoustic
And Fire Ltd

About Britannia Acoustic & Fire

With decades of combined experience in fire-stopping infrastructure and fire safety, our licensed technicians are fully certified in the latest fire door installation procedures, codes and manufacturing standards stipulated by certification authorities. We stay up to date on all amendments to fire regulations in order to advise our clients effectively on safety compliance. We offer fire door surveys, and installations as stand-alone services, or alongside complementary fire protection solutions like structural fireproofing, fire stopping and fire risk management planning.

Please get in touch with our team today to discuss your next fire door or fire protection project.

Fire Door FAQs

  • What are the current Fire Door Regulations?

    The key regulations covering fire door installation and maintenance are outlined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which applies to most commercial properties. Requirements were extended by the Fire Safety Act 2021 mandating additional internal fire doors for buildings over 2 storeys.

  • How do fire doors differ from standard doors?

    Fire doors are constructed with fire-resistant materials and components to create barriers that prevent the spread of fire and smoke. When closed, they block openings in walls and ceilings to contain fires for a specified time period. Standard doors do not offer such fire-resistant properties. Fire doors must meet legal standards for material integrity, gaps around edges, self-closing mechanisms and fire certification ratings indicating how long they can withstand fire. They require special installation and routine inspection to maintain their certification.

  • Do my existing doors comply with regulations?

    We can complete an assessment of your current fire doors to determine if they meet the latest certification standards and fire safety regulations. Many older doors may need to be replaced to be compliant.

  • What fire rating do I need? 30, 60 or 90 minutes?

    Most commercial and multi-occupancy buildings require FD30 (30 minutes) or FD60 (60 minutes) certified fire doors. We’ll advise you on the rating you need based on your property type, occupancy levels and building codes.

  • Will fire doors alter the look of my building?

    Not at all. We offer a wide selection of styles that match most interiors – including classic hardwood and contemporary glass models. Most people don’t even realise they’ve installed fire-rated doors.

  • How quickly can you install my new fire doors?

    Once ordered, we can usually install certified fire door sets within 2-3 weeks. We may be able to expedite for urgent situations.

  • Do you offer maintenance contracts?

    Yes. Once your doors are installed, we recommend ongoing 6 or 12-month maintenance checks to ensure seals, closures and fire-rated elements continue to perform as required. Our service plans are very reasonable.

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